We are a community of Faithful Disciples who choose to seek the truth passionately, to love the Lord and others intensely, and to give freely of our gifts, because we believe that we are called to make the Kingdom of God visible in the world today.

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Pastoral Musicians

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* Cantors

The cantor is a leader of sung prayer. This leadership role is expressed by leading the assembly’s singing of the Responsorial Psalm and Gospel Acclamation during liturgy. At Times they also lead the worshiping community in prayer through hymns, litanies and other acclamations. The goal of the cantor is to bring the song of the assembly to life.

* Choirs

The role of the choir is also one of leadership through sung prayer. The choir or ensemble provides vocal encouragement so the congregation feels confident in singing hymns or acclamations. By adding harmonies to these, the choir helps create a more festive atmosphere particularly during special celebrations during Christmas and Easter. Music strengthens the liturgical experience and reinforces the scriptures and prayers at Mass. We have three choirs:

Contemporary Choir rehearses in church at 7:00 pm on the first and third Monday of each month and sings at the 11:30 am Sunday Mass.

Children’s Choir (grades 2-7) rehearses Wednesday after school and sings at various regular and special Masses.

Adult Choir rehearses Wednesday evenings and sings at the 9:30 am Sunday Mass and many special liturgies such as Holy Week.

* Instrumentalists

The use of instruments such as trumpet, saxophone, flute, clarinet, violin or drums are valuable enhancements to worship music, particularly the more festive celebrations of the liturgical year. Guitarists or keyboardists also assist.

Anyone who has taken at least four years of private lessons, currently plays in a high school band, and/or is an experienced adult is welcome to share their gift of prayerful music with the community.


 All questions should be directed to David Berger, Director of Music & Liturgy, 937-335-2833, ext. 103